Monday, April 23, 2018

Selfies by Craig Detweiler


In Selfies Craig Detweiler seeks to  examine the current obsession with selfies and what makes this trend appealing: psychologically, theologically, and culturally. 

Throughout the material I appreciated Detweiler's ability to weave in material from multiple sources and disciplines. While I anticipated the theological and cultural aspects that were drawn in as support, I was pleasantly surprised to see a strong historical foundation utilized from the fine arts and art history as Detweiler formed his argument's background and foundation. Although not his specialty, Detweiler adds a level of interest to art history (far more than I experienced in college) showing strong patterns of development and making good connections for readers to trace the history of the selfie and place it into a historical context over a recent fad.

One thing for readers to consider is that Detweiler's educational background really comes through in his presentation of material. The book felt like a text book and I could see it stepping into that role quite easily (for what would surely be an interesting class). That said, the material is definitely aimed at a higher education level, perhaps high school seniors,  for those wondering about homeschooling options.

4 out of 5 stars  

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