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The Ultimate Exodus Finding Freedom from What Enslaves You by Danielle Strickland

The Ultimate Exodus

God didn’t just say to Pharaoh, “Let my people go!” He also said to the Israelites—and He says to us—“Let go of what enslaves you, and follow me to freedom.” The Ultimate Exodus opens our eyes to the things that enslave us, and it sets us on the path of our own exodus. Danielle Strickland revisits the story of the Exodus to see what we can learn from a people who were slaves and who learned from God what it means to be free. We discover as we go that deliverance goes much deeper than our circumstances. God uproots us from the things we have become slaves to, and He takes us on a long walk to the freedom He created us to enjoy.
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Danielle Strickland provides a text with a timely subject. Utilizing her experience as an ambassador for Compassion International and Stop the Traffik as well as her personal research Strickland lays out a stark picture concerning the realities of modern day slavery. Strickland's passion is  unquestionable as she lays out her information regarding passive and active participation in the modern slave trade providing valuable facts and realistic conversation starters to bring readers actively into the  issue. 

I appreciate the clear delivery method Strickland favourites as well as her ability to weave facts back to historical  anchors  (both secular and Biblical). This anchoring become more noticeable as a literary technique through the usage of Moses and the Exodus as the book's  overarching Biblical theme. It gave great structure and a sense of time to the books's argument.

That said, I don't think this book is for everyone. Strickland is sure of her argument, viewpoint, and methods throughout the book even using personal stories to highlight how a point has been tested in her own life. I found this gave the book a very "black or white" tone on how to approach problems when I could easily see alternates or shades of grey. I also found Strickland to come across very "top-down" in her teaching. For  those already struggling this could come across as accusatory and isolating rather than inviting someone into the church's solution.

3.5 out of 5 stars

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