Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Adorned by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Lately, I've become more aware of the importance of other women in my life. Regardless of age, we all have things to teach, encourage, and support one another in, their can be a strength and beauty in these female friendships and mentorships. As a result, I was intrigued to read Adorned by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth. Unfortunately, sometimes, no matter how excited you are about a book, the actual text falls short of expectations.

In the book, Wolgemuth takes readers step by step through Titus 2 as it applies to women. A beautiful passage filled with instruction on women, both older and younger, and how they should and can interact. While there were parts (mainly surrounding her direct look at the passage) where I found helpful nuggets. Theological and culturally differences made this book a difficult and unhappy read.

First, theological. If I had to guess, most of this book led  me to assume that Wolgemuth is a conservative, traditionalist, not a strain of theology I've found very welcoming with my background. Wolgemuth's views on women in the home, a women's role in the family all seemed to stem out of an idealized view of this that seemed discouraging and, at times, unrealistic.

I also had cultural reservations. While there was a chapter on the foundational nature of a sound mind there was no inclusion for the presence of mental illness which has risen noticeably both inside and out of the church in recent years. While there was a chapter on the danger of slander, a few chapters later the author tells a story regarding a child on a tablet that reads as disparaging towards the mother. There seems to be an idealized notion of mothering in the home with no regard for how many mothers work tirelessly to keep food on the table and heat in the house outside of the home. Everything just read as too neat and people as too easily classified and categorized when the truth is the human race is far more messy and diverse than the narrow audience who would identify with this book.

2.5 out of 5 stars

I received this book from Moody publishing in exchange for my honest opinion.