Saturday, March 5, 2016

A Treasure Concealed - Tracie Peterson

Tracie Peterson is back and this time she's taking readers back to the time of the gold rush and out into the wilds of Montana.

Even though the gold rush is over in Yogo, Henry Carver's family and a handful of others have stayed behind in the hopes of finding riches still concealed. Life isn't easy for the townsfolk. Nyola Carver lies dying after a lifetime of following her husband from claim to claim. Emily Carver rails against the nomadic lifestyling and its slow claiming of her mother. Jake Hoover and the other claimsmen recognize the signs of another hard winter, and the new stranger Kirk Davies has come about stirring up trouble on behalf of his employer.

For his own part, Caeden Thibault wants to escape a past and it's expectations into the untamed wilds. What he doesn't expect is the Carver's and their simple welcoming into their lives.

When new discoveries and old consequences reappear for all involved will Caeden and the Carver's find their peace or be thrown apart?

I've reviewed Peterson's work before and eagerly anticipate new books when she releases them. Although Peterson's work often follows similar patterns and archtypes I find the effect is less overdone and more being welcomed by an old friend.

As usual, I appreciated the detail Peterson includes in her work. The mines of Yogo did exist and there really was a Jake Hoover involved. Little details like this make me happy and, I find, add a level of depth thanks to Peterson's care.

I also appreciated the character development. This is a quality that always brings me back to Peterson. Her characters have something going on, they aren't perfect, one-dimensional beings. Emily struggles with her loyalties, faith, and values. Caeden struggles with whether his past defines him and how to move into his future. Henry's discussion by the river with Emily about his life's value was painfully real and pulled at all the right emotions.

As I said earlier, Peterson doesn't usually pull out many twists when it comes to plot line and A Treasure Concealed  does not break this trend. However, the book's focus on character development and quality of storytelling overlook this potential weakness.

4 out of 5 stars

I received this book from Nuts About Books in exchange for my honest opinion, The views expressed are my own.