Saturday, February 6, 2016

Breaking Busy by Alli Worthington

Life can be busy.

In fact, our culture prides itself on busyness, our ability to achieve, multitask, and finish items on our checklist.

I'm no exception. If I'm truly honest I read Alli Worthington's new book Breaking Busy while holding my sleeping baby, encouraging my older son in quiet play, and taking breaks to check on dinner in the oven/make my to-do list for when hubby got home and I had two hands again, not to mention a half a dozen other things.

Safe to say I'm probably well within Alli's target audience for this book.

Breaking Bad is a painful read.

Painful because it's real, honest, and more applicable than many readers would care to admit. Alli beautifully counters this painful honesty with warmth and humour through her own real life experiences (and as an entrepreneur, mom to 5 boys, wife, blogger, speaker, and executive director for Propel Women she has lots of experience being busy). While her chapters hit close to home for those of us stuck in the cycle and lies of  "busy" (and we're not talking seasons of life here) the care Alli holds for others and her desire to see others living better shines through these pages.

From the moment I encountered the ringing bra I realized that this was a book I'd enjoy reading because the author wasn't afraid to be relatable and boy did I relate.

I love the way Alli has broken down her chapters. Bearing clear titles and self-contained chapters (while still maintaining a well flowing book ) going back to find earlier points or refresh yourself on a problem area is a breeze (I know since I've already done this).

I also love how practical this book is. Alli doesn't pull any punches when it comes to addressing common time wasters such as people pleasing and living over capacity. Alli lays out so many issues our society holds within our core about the value of busyness and the pride we have at being too busy.  Her connections between these lies and the consequences such as burnout or losing time with our real priorities were eye-opening.

The only thing I felt this book lacked, through no fault of it's own, was accountability. This is a great resource but having the ability to read this with others for a time and hold each other accountable in the decisions were making (because let's face it changing priorities/thought patterns/ and recognizing our values is hard) could mean the difference between reading a good book and making a great change. The conflict though being, such a group would be yet another commitment in our busy lives.

4 out of 5 stars.

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