Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Road to Becoming - Jenny Simmons

Everyone has had a dream die.
Not everyone knows what to do when they do. We don't like talking about the lost dreams, the crashed and burned dreams, the abandoned dreams. We're told to work hard and persevere,taught to dream big and achieve. 
This means that when the inevitable happens, whether they were big dreams, life dreams, or everyday dreams we can feel lost because who wants to admit they've failed and if we don't talk about it how do we learn, grieve, and grow?

The Road to Becoming is one part lesson, one part memoir, and all excellent storytelling (which really is one of the best ways to learn).

When I started Jenny's book, I confess, I wondered what in the world I had started reading. College enforced my love of clear direction and thesis, much like the author I enjoy my books and movies neatly tied up in the end with a big red bow. So as I meandered through the first few chapters I almost put aside the book and moved on. 

I'm so glad I stuck with it though because once we moved through "The Dreaming and Destruction" this book packed a punch. Divided into "The burying," "The Lostness," "The Waiting," and "The Becoming" I found myself confronted by a woman who knew about the loss of dreams, the pain and confusion not only of that loss but of the emptiness that fills the dreams prior space and the journey back from that grief.

I was struck with Jenny's openness about her faith while she walked through her desert and her ability to highlight not only the sparseness in that environment but also the life that can slowly draw you back in if you're willing to learn to listen.

I would adore seeing this book used in a women's group. Honest, I think it would be painful and hard at times because who wants to talk about loss and grief when it involves the intangibles of dreams (as if their existence merely in thought lessens the loss) but Jenny's book provides enough humour, honesty, and faith to make this a wonderful vehicle for exploration of self and a topic often under acknowledged.

4.5 out of 5 stars

I received this book for free in exchange for my honest opinion through Nuts About Books. The opinions expressed are entirely my own

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