Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Plans I Have For You

The Plans I Have For You by Amy Parker takes kids through a colourful journey regarding what they can do with their lives. Presented with bright, fun, and engaging pictures Parker explores what kids can do with their lives seemingly anchoring the book on Jer. 29:11.

At first glance I was excited by this book. the pictures were instantly captivating and whimsical which is always nice for this Mama since we're firmly in the "let's repeat this book as many times as possible before Mama makes me go to bed" stage. Not to mention that as our gorgeous leaves start falling from the trees and cloudy weather ushers in cooler temperatures it's nice to find bright and sunny colours somewhere.

When I read through the book with my son I could quickly see how many people would gravitate towards this book. The passage is familiar, the story easy to read and easy to follow for pre-readers, and the lesson is easily expounded upon in real life - I'm just not sure of the message.

The book could easily read as find your passion and pursue it because God has this big plan for your life. The problem is I know so many people who followed their passion only to have it change, or fail, or discover twists and turns that slowed them from their ultimate goal. Many of them did well and found peace in living their lives by faith. However, the ones who struggled the most were the ones who had bought into the idea that God has a great plan for you to find your passion and excel in that path, that road brings no flexibility, less chance for growth, and less room from input from anyone other than self.

Maybe I'm reading too much into a children's book but kids are so perceptive and I want my boys to have the freedom to fail, the ability to not find their identity in passions/skills/job, the wisdom to know that their calling may be cleaning bathrooms but still being the smiling face a young student needs to see to get them through the rough patches.

3 out of 5 stars.

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