Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Noble Masquerade - Kristi Ann Hunter

Lady Miranda has a few secrets.

First she's not naturally very lady-like. Although Miranda may be the daughter and sister to  Dukes, her lady-like skills have come through years of unending lessons from her mother.
Second, she deals with her less lady-like qualities by allowing them to run free in letters she has written from girlhood to her brother's school friend the Duke of Marshington, knowing she is safe from breaking any societal rules since each letter stays safely tucked away in her closet.
When her brothers strange new valet accidentally ensures one of Miranda's letters makes it's way to the long-lost Duke Miranda finds herself caught in an entirely new world.

I love the chance to find new-to-me authors and Kristi Ann Hunter is just one of those. I am fully confident that should I find another historical fiction by Hunter on a trip to the local bookstore it will quickly be coming home to my library!

I really did love this book and ended up reading it cover to cover in one sitting.
Hunter's characters were vibrant and personable. Miranda and her family, Ryland, Jess, Price, and Jeffreys were easy to bring to life in my head thanks to the personality and quirks unfolded by Hunter throughout her pages. I would easily and delightedly dive into a sequel that expanded upon this wonderful world. Miranda was easily my favourite character and I found myself laughing at her brother's protective streak and sympathizing with her as she traveled down the rocky road of figuring out who exactly Miranda was.

The pace of the book was also an unexpected surprise given my familiarity with the genre. Thanks to the espionage and the center of the action plot there was a quick pace with enough mystery to keep me hooked. Although I was able to guess where things were going Hunter managed to keep the climax a surprise (with some lovely humour and romance to balance things out) and the full nature of who was and wasn't involved did take a fair portion of the book to unravel thanks to Hunter's ability to balance action with romance and character building/growth.

 Also, while the book does end in a way that is not unexpected for the genre. I was pleasantly surprised to see a Christian fiction wrestling with the idea of singleness for women. Miranda's honest pain at being unmarried during her sister's first season. her back and forth with the idea of being single, and her willingness to start accepted her worth as a single woman was a definite change from what I usually see in Christian fiction and I loved it (although I also really loved the ending and was rooting for it since the halfway mark in the book)

Overall, I give this book 5 out of 5 stars

I received this book for free in exchange for my honest opinion through Nuts About Books. The opinions expressed are entirely my own/