Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Preparing for Adoption - Julia Davis

As my husband can well attest, I have a growing passion when it comes to the topic of adoption.
Realistically, our family is nowhere near taking a step like this, too many logistics not in place, however, it is an open topic for discussion which means I love getting the opportunity to sink my teeth into the findings of those who have come before.

Enter Julia Davis.

I was curious how well a book based on adoption in the UK would translate into what I know of the Canadian system. While there were areas I know are different I was thoroughly pleased to see the universality of Davis' presentation.

Directed towards adopters rather than professionals within the system, Davis presents a step by step mental/emotional and physical preparation for members of the family from start to welcome home of the adoption process.

I was quite impressed to see Davis' inclusion of attachment theory, including her examples and working out of how different childhood experiences such as trauma and neglect could impact attachment and stress management even well after a safe and stable home environment has been introduced.

From the research I've done this honest and open dialogue regarding some of the common issues which adoptive families could face as well as methods to help introduce new and healthier patterns is still an underrepresented area of adoptive family care. Her willingness to open up and express this real need is a refreshing way to begin dialogue and inform families who are struggling or may struggle that they are not alone.

My one concern with Davis' book is that some of the research may, in fact, be somewhat heavy for families in the midst of their adoption journey if they do not have a scholastic background that would allow them some familiarity with attachment theory/trauma/counselling (something my counselling background readily provided). Aside from that, I could see Ms. Davis' book being a welcome part of many adoptive families journies providing welcome guideposts on a unfamiliar path.

I received this book through NetGallery in exchange for my honest opinion. The opinions stated here are my own.

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