Friday, April 11, 2014

Living with Hypermobility Syndrome

It's ironic that I'm posting this review so late.
Due to my lousy proprioception I may have misjudged my proximity to a bookshelf and ended up with a concussion. This meant no reading or writing for a couple weeks as either activity seemed to trigger a massive migraine.

What a joy, not.
What is a joy is Isobel Knight's book Living with Hypermobility Syndrome.
As someone who is officially diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos (either the same or a close related condition depending on which medical professional you ask) I was curious to uncover the opinions and research of someone who has walked the journey of complex, chronic illness longer than myself.
I was not disappointed. 
I truly wish every single one of my medical professionals I interact with would read this book in the hopes they could gain even a percentage of the empathy and knowledge stored within the pages. This book really is a must read for any who struggle with a condition that is marked with hypermobility as one of its defining features.
Why is this book so good?
First of all, it's organized for easy reference. Thank you! A book that's easy to navigate will simply be used more often and thanks to Knight's clear categories and logical ordering this book is a breeze to sort through.
Second of all, this book takes first hand experience into account. When facing hypermobility whether HMS, EDS, or something else, being understood as a person, as a patient, and as a reliable source of information is so rare. The way Knight weaves personal experience, both her own and others she has encountered, enriches and deepens the conversation laid forth.
Thirdly, Knight doesn't shy away from important topics such as mental health and feminine issues. 
Living with Hypermobility Syndrome is a valuable resource for patient, professionals, and loved ones of those living with one of these conditions.
5 out of 5 stars

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