Wednesday, October 16, 2013


It's almost 11 pm

I'm still rocking my infant son as he drifts between sleep and wakefulness. After weeks of going to bed easily at 10 and sleeping until 5-6am we've entered a new dance.

Instead of a quick good night and an I love you our routine is a woven blend of nursing, lullabies, and rocking to the music.

Some experts talk about the risk of spoiling and they are completely right. I'm being spoiled.

It is such a privilege to love on this little soul. To watch his innocent face melt into slumber. To feel his little body snuggle up close so he can hear my heartbeat.

Already I see so many changes in his little life. I know the day is coming when he will be too big to sleep while I rock him in the rocking chair in "our" corner. I know there will be a day when his face won't light up when I sing his favourite songs.I know there will come a day when sitting still and cuddling won't be nearly so appealing to an active little boy with an entire world to discover.

In these quiet moments I am reminded once again what a great gift and privilege it is to be entrusted as Peanut's Mama and, tonight, being spoiled is worth it.

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