Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Happy (Belated) Thanksgiving

North of the border we've just finished celebrating Thanksgiving and what a year of firsts.

- First Thanksgiving as a Mama
- First sleepover and Grandma and Grandpa's
- First gluten free Thanksgiving (oh stuffing how I miss thee!)
- First long car ride

No wonder I'm tired :)

All in all, the weekend went wonderfully. Peanut slept like a pro despite the new surroundings and was on his best behaviour throughout the festivities. This meant we were able to fully take advantage of our celebration with all four living generations of my hubby's family. Given the time of year and my recent struggles adapting to new mama life, now seems an especially appropriate time to reflect on things that make me thankful.

So, in no particular order, here goes

I am grateful for my hubby. Seriously, he goes above and beyond taking care of our family and usually with a smile on his face. I'm so grateful to have my best friend by my side through this crazy journey of life.

I am grateful for . . . my messy house. Yep, as a neat freak this was a revelation to me, however, let's look at my reasoning. Instead of spending hours nitpicking over a clean house, those hours were spent snuggling, cuddling, and playing with my baby boy. Definitely hours better spent.

I am grateful for mama time. Not only is my hubby beyond amazing but he gives me an hour (minimum) a week to geek out with my Dr. Who, LOTRO, Stargate, etc. . . Life as a nerdy mama is possible (mind you I also enjoy curling up and nerding out with my family too. My son's first movie was the avengers and the doctor who theme has been known to calm him)

I am grateful for community. This one has been hard. Pregnancy took a huge toll on me and when things settle my community life had taken a huge toll. Even now as I struggle to regain my physical health and get the hormonal roller coaster under control community is a struggle and few seem willing or able to ride it out in close quarters. However, that makes me more grateful for those who are there walking through this with me and is really stirring a fire in me for new mama's who struggle both during and after pregnancy.

Finally, tonight I'm grateful for naps and grandparents who will skype through teething, here's hoping I can soon be grateful for teeth soon too ;)

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