Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ever have one of those days

*Note* This was written a month ago but I'm only getting up the nerve to post now.

I have, I'm having "one of those days" right now.

It's funny, everyone and their dog warns you about the risks of  Post Partum Depression and rightly so. It's an insidious condition made worse by social ignorance and stigma. I applaud the steps that have been taken to protect new mamas, papas, and their families, helping them to reach their full potential. 

 I'm finding there's a lot less out there that will talk to you about anxiety 
Maybe they didn't know? Maybe they don't understand? Maybe it's just lumped together with the worry most (all) new parents seem to feel?

Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm amazed at how much worry a little life can bring if you let it. No matter what decision you make as new parents there's most likely an opposing view that will quite vocally explain to you ever flaw in the "exceedingly detrimental" choice you made for your child while actively praising another. 

There are books written on best feeding techniques, tried and true sleeping methods, and more than you ever thought was possible to write about poop. There are the controversies over vaccines.developmental milestones, and how early is to early to introduce. Then don't forget your crunchy mamas, stay at home mamas, working mamas, helicopter mamas, June cleavers and a rift of others to numerous to mention and that's without the papa's being added in!

There are so many sides, views, and angles in today's world of over information and media saturation that the options can loose their helpfulness amid the dizzying swirl of voices competing for attention, especially in the case of new parents who are finding their parenting feet and just want what is best for their little one (which, again, I'm thinking is most parents)

There's also natural worrying over first colds, colic (oh the joys of colic, thank you baby carriers and gripe water), first nights in the crib, first bump on the head, don't even get me started when it comes to thinking about his first sleepover or day of school, ugh. At three months the time is already flying by too quickly.

Then you add in good ol' Ehlers-Danlos which seems to genetically predisposition me for anxiety, that's a lot of anxiety!

But there's nothing more frustrating than watching your son and hubby enjoying a happy quiet moment and feeling the tightness in your chest as scenarios stream through your mind and anxiety fills your space than perhaps reflecting back, during or after at how ridiculous the anxiety was but feeling helpless to stop it.

I know not many stop by here seeing as it's new and I'm not exactly into a routine yet but any other new mama's deal with anxiety

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