Monday, November 11, 2013

Guess who's 5 months old

I can hardly believe our little peanut is already 5 months old.

I also can't believe I still haven't healed from his arrival, oh the joys of EDS. Oh well, our little guy is certainly worth the extra pain.

So how do we sum up another month?

Well, peanut is finally getting positive reviews from our doctor's visits. We weighed in at a respectable 16 pounds,more than double our birth weight! Reflecting back on the days of decreasing weight and slow gain makes those 16 pounds all the nicer to this Mama's ears.

Just look at those cheeks!

On the flip side, our little peanut is getting big! 
This has meant somewhat tearful packing (please tell me I'm not the only mama who gets misty packing away tiny little outfits) of clothes that once seemed ever so big and tracking down some new ones in the 9 month range.
I can't even begin to explain how grateful I've been for our carrier during this process (or colic, daily trips, teething, church, everything else under the sun, seriously these things are dead useful). 
During the pregnancy, I researched like a fiend in order to find the best options for parenting with a disability. It was actually pretty discouraging the lack of applicable resources I could find. However, I'm in love with the carrier our beyond awesome doula introduced us too.

Seriously, our CatBird Carrier calms peanut right down which makes sense because at 5 months we still can't get enough cuddles (which mama is very happy to provide), it helps him feel secure, and gives space for some introverted time when we're out and he gets overwhelmed. 
For my part, I love the big comfy straps and how simple it is to put on. It even looks great which is a huge plus for me. 
I'm really curious how it will hold up once I put on the support belt now that Peanut is getting to the right weight for some added support but I'm thinking it will just be one more thing to love (once I get over the fear of actually attaching it!)

Okay, back to Peanut :)

We have now added two beautiful bottom teeth to our milestones, and announced their arrival loudly and at great length :( 
Poor guy does not fall into the category of easy teethers.
I'm am getting an education on teething remedies, not quite the research project I was looking for but nice of Peanut to help his mama out on that ;)

We also introduced some purees to our repertoire. New favourites are: green beans, squash, applesauce, bananas. 

Peas, on the other hand, have been upgraded to most vile substance on earth. Apparently we'll have to introduce those again later . . .

Every day Peanut continues to figure out his limbs and how to work them, although,this month did have a set back. Almost half way through the month I sat him down in his crib while I straightened out the laundry only to have him flip himself over and get his feet stuck between the crib slats! Not only was he mad to be stuck but he scared himself flipping over and has refused to try rolling over ever since.
Trying to encourage him to move and not be frightened of rolling over will definitely be a goal for this month.

Speaking of goals,

Our month 5 goals are pretty simple this month.

Goal 1

Learn to nap somewhere other than Mama's lap or the carrier.

Goal 2
Work more on Goal 1 :P

Yes, it's true. At 5 months, Peanut still refuses to sleep anywhere that is not in direct physical contact with someone. At least, that is the daytime routine. Nights are pretty awesome but days . . . oh brother. Little dude almost decked his grandma when she tried to put him down for the night.

Any other Mama's (or Papa's) have a stubborn sleeper on their hands? Any tips for getting them down for much overdue naps?

We're setting up a playpen to be a safe nap space and so far (one hour in) it isn't a complete failure but we will wait and see how this goes.

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